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Middle School Baseball

WYB essentially offers leagues thru 7th grade, as most all 7th graders are 13 year olds by the end of the school year and can still play in our Majors league.  We do not offer a Pony League or other league for those 14 and older (see below for more info on that).

Worthington Schools sponsors one Middle School team for the TWHS side and one for the WKHS side.  The teams play in the 8th grade league using full baseball dimensions (90 foot bases, 60.5" pitching mound).  Although many districts sponsor a 7th grade baseball team in a separate league, Worthington does not.  Because of this, 7th graders are allowed to try out for the 8th grade team. 

This is completely run by the schools and WYB is not directly affiliated with middle school baseball.  Generally speaking, the middle school season runs from about mid-March to mid-May and has practices or games most every day after school.  For more information, refer to your child's middle school's Athletic Director.

NCIL Pony League

For any 14-15 year old who is looking for a recreational league, WYB has paired up with NCIL Baseball to send any Worthington 14-15 year olds to play in their Pony League.  13 year olds looking for a bigger challenge can also sign up with the NCIL Pony League. 

The NCIL is a great organization based in Clintonville with most games at Whetstone Park.  All particulars (roster, uniforms, schedule, etc) will be coordinated by NCIL.  In most cases, they will be able to fulfill requests for friends to be on the same team.  As part of the partnership, WYB provides some night field space throughout the season at Perry Park for NCIL games.  For more information and to register, please visit http://ncil.website.sportssignup.com/