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Is our game canceled?


1) Worthington Parks and Recreation fields will be closed at the discretion of Worthington Parks staff.  The Rain Line number is 614-786-7366.  Frequently, the Rain Line is updated twice daily (once in mid-morning, around 10:00 AM, and again in the mid-afternoon, around 4:00 PM).  Please assure that you check the Rain Line for updates as conditions warrant. 


2) For Worthington Schools fields and for all other circumstances, it is the responsibility of BOTH COACHES to determine if a game should be played.  Coaches should contact each other, make a decision, and forward their decision to parents as quickly as possible.  Remember, the safety of our participants is our first priority.


3) If there is any sign of thunder and/or lightning, CLEAR THE FIELD.  Play may commence 30 minutes after the last sight of lightning or sound of thunder.