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Worthington Nationals Travel Baseball


What is “Travel” baseball?

Worthington “Travel” baseball is a program for young people who demonstrate the skills and commitment to develop as players in a competitive setting.  “Travel” baseball requires a significant time, energy and financial expense from players, parents, and coaches.  Typically, this includes a year-round commitment to team and practice.


When are tryouts for the 2022 season?

7U (will be considered for 8U if no 7U team is formed):
  • Thu 7/8 Snouffer 2 6-8
  • Mon 7/12 Perry 3 6-8 (grass area)
  • Sun 7/18 Perry 3 1-3 (makeup date only)
8U (may have 2 teams):
  • Sun 7/11 Perry 3 3:30-5:30 (canceled)
  • Sun 7/18 Perry 3 6-8
  • Thu 7/22 Perry 3 6-8
9U (a 2nd team will be formed):
  • Sun 7/11 Perry 3 6-8 (canceled)
  • Sun 7/18 Perry 3 3:30-5:30
  • Tue 7/20 Perry 3 6-8
10U (Red & Blue):
  • Sun 7/11 Perry 2 6-8 (canceled)
  • Tue 7/13 Perry 3 6-8
  • Mon 7/19 Perry 3 6-8
11U (Red & Blue):
  • Sun 7/11 Perry 1 6-8 (canceled)
  • Wed 7/14 Snouffer 1 6-8
  • Sun 7/18 Perry 1 6-8
12U (Red & Blue)
  • Thu 7/8 Snouffer 1 6-8
  • Wed 7/14 Perry 3 6-8
  • Sun 7/18 Perry 2 6-8 (makeup date only)
13U (Red & Blue):
  • Wed 7/7 McCord 1 6-8
  • Mon 7/12 Snouffer 1 6-8 (canceled)
  • Thu 7/15 Snouffer 1 6-8
14U (Red & Blue):
  • Wed 7/7 TWHS Varsity 6-8
  • Wed 7/14 TWHS Varsity 6-8
  • Sun 7/18 McCord 1 6-8 (makeup date only) 
*Players can attend all tryouts but will be considered for a roster spot even if they only attend 1 tryout.  Attendance at all tryouts is NOT necessary. 
*In case of rain - please contact the Worthington Parks & Rec weather line, (614)786-7366.  If the diamonds are closed, the tryout is cancelled and will be made up on the scheduled rain date.  Currently, with 3 scheduled tryout dates for 8U and 9U, a make-up date will only be scheduled if 2 of the 3 tryout dates are rained out. 
TRYOUT REGISTRATION: All participants must register online before attending tryouts.  Registration is only required once, even if a player attends more than one tryout.  Click on the orange REGISTER NOW button on the WYB baseball home page to register.  Registration is FREE.

What age should my player tryout for?

The player’s age on April 30th determines the player’s eligible age division for the current season.  For example: my child is 10 on April 30th so he is eligible for play in the 10 & under division.

“Playing up” It is a misconception that players should “play up” at their grade level.  The Worthington Select Baseball charter strongly encourages players to play on age appropriate teams, not grade appropriate teams.  Generally, a player will be permitted to “play up” only when he will be playing with his classmates and, even then, only upon approval of the director. 


How many teams are in the Worthington Program?

Each age group, 8U through 14U, will have a first team called the Nationals Red.  This team will compete at the highest possible level commensurate with the talent and experience of the players on that team.  When appropriate, based on the number and quality of eligible players at tryouts, WYB will field a second team, which will be called the Nationals Blue. 


How many games are played?

Schedules vary by team; however, most Worthington teams play a 25 – 35 game schedule including tournaments.  As the name implies, the schedule includes travel in and around the greater Columbus area, often during weekday late afternoon and evenings.  Weekends may include tournaments and double-headers.


When are games played?

Game schedules largely are influenced by our parent organizations, Nations Baseball and COYBL.  Most of these organizations require that games be played between April 1 – July 31.  Typically, Worthington teams begin game play after the first week of April and end game play in early July.  Practices can be scheduled year-round.


Where do Indoor Practices take place?

The Worthington Travel Baseball Program is very fortunate to have continuous access to a dedicated indoor facility called the "Bat House."  The Bat House features 2 cages and gives Nationals teams a chance to do some work indoors.  It is located in a unit in the Buckeye Heating & Cooling building on Worthington Galena Rd.  The program is very thankful and fortunate to have this practice facility.


How much does “Travel” baseball cost?

Travel fees vary by team.  Fees are determined by the number of games, tournaments, and outside events that each coach schedules.  Typically, most team fees range from $400 - $500.  This includes a non-refundable $150 deposit.

It is important to note that uniforms are not included with this fee.  Typically, uniforms are an additional $100 - $200 depending on choice. 

Additionally, personal player equipment such as bats, glove, and cleats are not provided.  Some teams may provide bat bags and helmets as part of their initial fee; however, this is not mandated by the program.


What are the League Rules

Worthington Travel Baseball rules are governed by their parent organizations.  In most cases, this is COYBL or Nations Baseball.  Please refer to the COYBL or Nations Baseball website for updated rule information.


Out of district players

It is important to note that Worthington Select Baseball is a community program, utilizing local resources.  It is not a regional or “elite” program.  Generally, only Worthington School residents are eligible for the Worthington Select Baseball program.  In rare instances, the charter allows for up to two out of district players with Travel Director approval.  Approving players from outside the district is rare, particularly, if it results in cutting players from Worthington. 


“Grandfather Clause”

Any player currently on a Worthington Select Baseball team roster that successfully completes the tryout process and is offered a roster spot for their returning team, may return to that team regardless if he is out of district or “playing up.” 


7th/8th Grade baseball and 13U/14U

13U Nationals teams have typically NOT participated in middle school ball because there is no 7th grade teams in Worthington (though 7th graders can try out for the 8th grade team).  The 14U travel baseball season formally will begin after the conclusion of the middle school 8th grade baseball season.  This schedule provides the option for players to participate in both programs if they choose.  If the teams scheduled games during the same calendar period, players would not be eligible to be active participants on both rosters simultaneously.

Under the current structure in Worthington, players will have the following options:

  1. Players may participate in both middle school baseball and 14U travel baseball teams, if they wish.
  2. Players do NOT have to participate in both middle school baseball and 14U travel baseball.  They may choose to participate in one baseball program, or neither, or both. 

Similarly, 14U travel baseball players have the option to participate in other spring sports (middle school or otherwise) such as lacrosse, track, and club soccer.



For any further questions, please contact Eric Brown, Worthington Travel Baseball Director - ebrown1717@yahoo.com