WYB Bat Rules


Only small barrel bats (2 1/4 ") are permitted in the WYB Recreation baseball league.  Big Barrel bats (2 5/8 " or 2 3/4 ") are prohibited due to player safety.

If players violate this rule, they will be ejected from the game.

It will be the coaches responsibility to assure that their players are using "legal" bats.


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WYB Baseball General Information

Through the link at the top of this page (Documents) you can access several key documents: WYB Coaching Principles, an umpire application, information about umpire training, three codes of conduct, one each for parents, players and coaches, and a list of approved composite bats. Please familiarize yourself with the documents that are relevant to you. WYB expects all coaches, players and family members to conduct themselves appropriately at all WYB events. We are all role models for every child we encounter.

Please visit each division for specific information about that division. Various documents relevant to each division will be available there.

The WYB Baseball Program is looking for dedicated volunteers to help us enhance our program. Please contact us at worthingtonbaseball@gmail.com if you can help and thank you in advance!

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