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WYB Coach Pitch Rookies Rules


Game Play

  • Bases will be 65 feet.
  • Home team wears Red and sits on first base side.
  • Use 1 new ball and 2 good condition used balls per game.  Once done, put all balls in the used bucket.
  • Games last 6 innings or 1 hr 10 min.  No new inning started after the time limit.  In some cases when scheduling is tighter, the time limit may be adjusted on a case by case basis.
  • Pitchers roughly 35 feet from home plate (rubber will usually be at 46).
  • Each at bat will get 3 pitches.  After 3 pitches, regardless of the pitch quality or if they were fouled, the Tee will be placed on home plate and the batter will hit off the tee.
  • As a result of the "Tee after 3" rule, there will be no strikeouts in the CP Rookies league.  This is intended to maximize the amount of experience and fun that comes with having balls put in play and runners running in every at bat.
  • Any player who gets out will be removed from the base.
  • If a batted ball hits coach, award first base to hitter and one base to all runners.
  • No buckets or extra balls on the ground, pitcher should just hold extra balls in glove.
  • Throwing from knee is permitted but you must make an effort to get out of the way.
  • No stealing, leading off, bunting, HBP.  Can’t leave base until ball is hit.
  • 5 run limit per inning.  No run rule (5 run limit serves as run rule).  Bottom half of inning can still be played even if home team is up, depending on game flow and time available.
  • 4 outfielders must be in the grass.  Do NOT play extra infielders.  
  • If less than 10 players, play less outfielders.  Missing outfielders are not a big cause for concern at this age & size.
  • One coach may remain on the field during play but stay behind the infielders & base path.  The on-field coach should never stop a moving ball and let the players make the plays.

Baserunning Rules

  • Best way to describe the rule is if the ball is in infield = Runners do not leave a base to advance.  
  • No advancement on overthrows, we want to encourage the kids to try to make the play and get the experience without fear of giving extra bases.

End of Season

  • There is no end of season tournament.
  • There is no All-star week.
  • Each of these items will be introduced in the traditional Coach Pitch league for 7-8 year olds.
  • As a result, the season should hopefully be wrapped up by July 4th.